Any Size, Any Shape

Energy Wall™ cores are available in widths and heights from 6" to 24", in 3" increments in either direction. The actual core depth is always 8", but manifolds may be added to control air flow, that will make the cores 12", 18" or 24" deep. In most single core applications, the 12" deep cores are sufficient to handle the air flow.

The size of the core is selected by the space it must fit into, and the pressure drop, air volume, and efficiency desired. Due to the extreme flexibility of Energy Wall™ cores, it is advisable to contact the factory for sizing and pricing.

Although Energy Wall™ cores can replace any competitive cores, they are counter-flow, versus all the competitive cores which are cross-flow, and will fit slightly differently into an existing ERV housing per the following example.

Any Airflow Pattern

Manifolds are available, for all Energy Wall™ cores, which allow the air flow to be straight through in either direction, or transverse in either direction.

Matching the air flow when replacing a competitive core is easily done by simply specifying the Energy Wall™ core as "S" (Straight through) or "T" (Transverse or cross-over).

Additionally, a horizontal separator plate can be used to move the air through the core in an over-under configuration.

Any Efficiency

Energy Wall's cores have a patented, "open" mesh spacer between the plates, which turbulates the air, increasing efficiency. This spacer is also designed to be compressible so that, during manufacturing, the number of plates per inch can actually be adjusted +-30%, to achieve custom air volumes, pressure drops, and efficiencies. Contact the factory if you require this type of customization, as the calculations are somewhat complex.

Standard Model Nomenclature

Note: Additional data and calculators will be published as Energy Wall™ enters full scale production.