Performance Testing

Energy Wall is tested according to ASHRAE 84-1991 Method of Testing Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers used by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).



Fire / Smoke Tests

Energy Wall's cores have passed the criteria for UL® 900 Class 2 Air Filter Units 7th Edition and ULC-S111 Standard Method of Fire Tests for Air Filter Units.





Anti-Microbial Tests

Energy Wall's system was tested by the Pennsylvania State University and found to kill up to 95% of microbes that come into contact with the Energy Wall membrane. Not only are microbes killed that try to cross through the membrane, but the exhaust and fresh air streams partially sterilized just by contacting the membrane as they move through the core.

Some competitive membranes are treated with various substances to help prevent growth, but none of these substances actively kill microbes once they are actually growing on the membrane. In fact, the standard treatment for a contaminated membrane is to spray it with a salt solution, which is the very heart of Energy Wall's active moisture transport system.